Well, this is a situation many of us have been in. You send an important message on WhatsApp and then eagerly wait for a reply. One little tick appears to your message. Then two. Then nothing. Your heart sinks. The important message has been ignored – or has it?  And now, WhatsApp’s has introduced a new feature, so that you can confirm that someone has definitely read your message. And its  : the double blue tick!

Now this option has landed many ‘ignoring kuflis’ in trouble. It was once an easy act for them ignoring all the messages even after reading them. Now, they’re all being questioned thanks to the ‘blue ticks’ option that has been recently added by Whatsapp after Mark Zuckerberg has bought the mobile application. Here’s a fictitious story that shows the frustration of an ‘ignoring kufli’ who targets Zuckerberg on his Facebook wall post scolding in Telugu. What happens in the end, will surely crack you up!

Though we are now provided with the disable option after an outrage, this is a conversation between a Telugu speaking guy and Zuckerberg just after the blue ticks option was introduced and prior to the inclusion of disable option.

Content may not be suitable to all audiences. ⊗