The biggest joke of the century : Computers and Mobiles were invented to save our time. Almost at the time when people were finding it possible to live without constant usage of mobile phones, ochindhayya ‘Whatsapp’., a mobile application which has changed things a lot since then. Today, it has become our biggest addiction and not a single day goes without using this mobile application. Here we present you the different kinds of people we have in our whatsapp list and also different kinds of whatsapp groups.

1. Good Morning / Good Night kuflis :

All they do is send Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good night msgs every day.  Morning whatsapp open cheyagane, veella msg kachithanga vuntundhi.

2. The 24/7 Online Raaja:

Patta pagalu, mitta madhyanam, ardha raatri., ila eppudu check chesinaa, their status is Online. They eat whatsapp. Sleep whatsapp. Drink whatsapp. Auuh auh whatsapp.

3. Escape Kuyya : 

Appati varaku online untaaru.  Whatsapp group loki manam raagane , jump aipothaaru.

4. BRB Babayya : 

Veella bathukantha Brb.. Brb ..brb.. brb ..
Just a minute ey!

5. The Caught-raaj

Dorikipovadam veella hobby!
Aah nana.. Online unnavani thelusu le kani.. Dha amma dha.. group loki ra..

6. The Neech Kameen Kuthey: 

The one who constantly keeps stalking and checking girls’ pics every time. Mukku mokam theliyani ammaila numbers kuda add cheskovadam veella hobby., just to stalk their dp’s.

7. P.S. Babu :

Pichakuntla Status Babu : He who uploads stupid pics and statuses every now and then.

8. One word Replier 

Hmm , k , fine, lol , ya, hehe : ive veeri aasthi anthasthu !

9. Forward Fafarao : 

The one who keeps sending forwards, pics and videos all the time. Sambandam unna lekunna, anni group la vaariki samananga pampetodu anamta.

10. Attitude Rani : 

Abboooh.. Veellu kuda almost single word replies pamputhuntaru babayya. Aa balupu bharinchadam chaala kashtam sumiii..

11. Brain Eater :

Casual ga reply isthe, sodhi loki dinchi manalni munchesthuntaru.

12. Alugudu Raja/ Alugudu Rani : 

One who gets easily offended and exits the group frequently.
Huttt neeyamma..thokkalo group!

13. Last Seen Hidden Kaatres: 

Abboohh.. Veella gurinchi separate ga cheppakarledhu. Last seen option hide cheskoni, chese lekkalu anni inni kaavu. Eppudostharo eppudu potharo theleedhu. Kani anni vishayallo up to date untaru bhayyoo.

14. Do Na Ko : 

The Donga Na Koduku. Whatsapp alerts anni aagipoyaka, silent ga vacchi msgs chadivi vellipothaaru.
Battebaaj lekkalu!

15. Lengthy messenger : 

Every time they chat, it is a rain of messages from them. Two statements ni 20 msgs lo pamputhuntaru : single , double , triple words tho.

16.The Ignoring Kufli : 

They come online. They read messages. They leave.
The Last Seen keeps changing but there is no reply to your messages.

17. The Plan Maker :

There is always one person who frequently keeps planning for a meet/ get together.

18. The Plan Breaker :

Whenever there is a plan, they are like.. “Ante..adhii…abbbb “

19.  The BFF’s : 

They are THE best ones you have in your entire list. Whenever you are bored you ping them, and they quickly text back. You can keep chatting endlessly and you never get bored of their company.

20. The Opika Raja : 

No matter what the topic is, this guy listens to everyone’s problems very patiently.
Very niceee buoyyy..

21.The Secret Couple : 

Abboohh.. Veella lekkalu anni inni kaavu bhayyoo.. Group lo conversation nadusthunnapudu andaritho paatu chat chestharu. At the same time, venakala separate ga private chat kanisthuntaru. Kani em theleenattu, group lo act chesthuntaru. Adedededeee

22. Night Watchman : 

Tirumalai..thi thi thirumalayi. The one who comes online only during the nights. Thellaarithe , malli kanapadaru. Messages ki replies undavu. Appudappudu asalu bathikunnaro lero kuda ardham kaadhu.

23. The Champak Seths : 

Whatsapp groups lo ee batch ippudippude start avthundi bhayyooo..
Hey guys..kai-phone 16gb..2months used. Good condition..Anyone interested… ?

24. The Dead Group :

Talking about whatsapp groups, this group is the one which was once active and is now completely dry and almost dead. Yet, no one leaves this group.

25. The Epic Group

This is one hell of an epic group for guys. Nonstop fun and nonstop comedy. Pachi bhuthulu are very common and almost everyone are mocked at with weird names and stuff. This turns out to be the best of all our whatsapp groups.

So this is it!
The kufli rajas and rani’s in our Whatsapp who make whatsapping quite interesting and at the same time irritating.
But no matter what, its always fun having them in our list. Go, check out the kufli’s in your list and bring in here!
Thank you Whatsapp.

 – Author