Interstellar :  An epic sci-fi movie with an extraordinary out of the box concept that has probably never been explored by any director so far. A flawless combination between drama, adventure, and kick-ass special effects, this masterpiece, directed by the genius Christopher Nolan is a film that features a team of space travelers who travel through a wormhole in search of a new habitable planet. The emotional depth was profound, while the movie constantly keeps you guessing on what would happen next. There should be a disclaimer, however, to try not to figure out the scientific details while watching the film. Such is the amount of technical brilliance it carried in it. Now, what if this film is directed by our Tollywood directors who are well known for their own style in their respective areas. Sounds interesting , isn’t it ? Here we go!





Cooper is a young and energetic guy who lives with his uncle(babai) in the countryside. Cooper falls for his college mate Amelia through love at first sight.. Prof. Brand is Amelia’s father and also a local don who illegally occupies the NASA land. Learning about his daughter’s love story, Prof Brand decides to kill Cooper. In order to know who Cooper is , Brand checks out the NASA entrance CC camera footage. After multiple zoom-in’s he screams out saying , “Nooooo….reyy..veedu maayamayyi chala samvatsaraalu avthundii raaaaah..” In the 2nd half we are taken into the flashback. Cooper is said to have left the planet Earth to meet his old friend and well-wisher Satthi Reddy and others who are secretly waiting near the wormhole covered with black blankets. Cooper along with Satthi reddy and co. reach Miller’s planet. Cooper shouts, “Satthi reddyyyyy…” and then huge tidal waves are generated. After this , Cooper moves towards the 2nd planet with the BGM ‘Sharabaa ya Sharaba..sharaba sharaba sharaba’. Here, he meets a fluoride patient Dr.Mann who is on the death bed for years and decides to take his matter to the Chief minister whose camp office is in the extra-dimensional “tesseract”. But Cooper is taken into custody and is produced before the ‘Cooper Station’ District Sessions Court amid huge gathering for indirectly being responsible for the death of Aliens who have died every time when Cooper has hit his thigh in different planets. Finally, Cooper is married to Amelia in Kanaka Durgamma temple.






Srinu Vaitla makes it probably difficult to understand because of the number of characters he uses. Firstly, Cooper is a wayward youth who roams around with friends all the time. He falls in love with a Amelia who is the daughter of a rich factionist and her marriage is fixed with a guy whom she doesn’t like. Cooper tries to use Prof Brand, the chief of NASA’s secret installation as a bakra, in order to win the trust of Amelia’s family. Cooper says to Prof. Brand that he is doing a reality show in the outer space and takes him along with the heroine’s family to the wormhole. After their spacecraft stops at the first planet, Cooper and his friends booze and enact few spoof sequences. Watching Cooper’s conversation in this drunk state through the windows, the heroine’s aunt and few other ladies are surprised to know about Cooper’s interest for Amelia. After the interval, Cooper now visits the Mann’s planet and says, “Abbey saala..ninnu nidra lepaaneeki me ayyani ankunaauuv bey.. Poleeees…” and starts speaking back to back punch dialogues. Unable to bear them, Dr.Mann kills himself by breaking his spacesuit visor. Now, Cooper wears a cop dress and moves to the possible 3rd habitable planet to complete the rest of the punch dialogues. Here he falls into an extra-dimensional tesseract. Through the books, he watches his father being killed by 3 villains on Madhapur highway road. Meanwhile, Cooper wins Amelia’s father’s trust and arrangements are in full swing for a pre-wedding family song “Aalasyam denikinka space suit ippesthaa…thattharathatthath thaararara.. ”. After the song , a police operation is carried out where the villains are obviously killed by Cooper. Doyle, who was hit by an enormous tidal wave in the first planet appears in the Cooper Station and says, “Nayana, vaadu manalni assholes ni chesindey..” and Amelia’s father replies by saying ..”Vadu manalni assholes cheyaledhu ra.. Astronauts ni chesinaadu..” and its a happy family ending with the Bakra, Prof Brand still having no clue of what has happened.







Puri Jagannadh who handles his hero’s characterization extremely well , doesn’t disappoint with Cooper’s character as well. Here Cooper is a pakka mass guy who is in search of his childhood love Chitti. He travels from Chennai to USA and from there, to the outer space in search of her. After reaching the first planet through the wormhole and looking at the tidal waves, Cooper finds out that someone already ‘uccha poyinchadaniki vacchi pani kaanichhesaru’. He now moves to the next planet where he meets the mafia astronaut Dr.Mann and starts working under him for money, killing every other mafia astronaut in and around Mann’s Golconda ice planet. Twist is that, Chitti is the same Amelia who has been travelling with Cooper. Amelia (chitti) is shocked to see Cooper ruthlessly killing mafia astronauts and couldn’t confess her love to Cooper. Cooper is no more just cooper. He is Cooper Bhai. Prof.Brand who is into solving a physics problem on earth, keeps sending that data from Bangkok. Through that data, Cooper goes to Binny mills in the extra dimensional form. Here, during the heavy climax Cooper is revealed to us as a cop who is seen spreading his hands wide and keeps shooting at the books around him. In retaliation, he gets shot on chest, legs, shoulders by unknown aliens. But in the end, he wakes up all fine in the ‘Cooper Station’ hospital bed. Finally, “Okka saari planet daatithe naa maata nene vinanu” – Cooper.





Well, KV is known for his family stories and bringing out the best emotions. Here, Cooper lives with his giant family along the countryside. Cooper’s family is cursed by Jesus that he is going to take one family member for every 48 years on the day of Christmas. Prof.Brand, a Church Father tells Cooper’s grandmother that this time it is Cooper who is going to die. Prof.Brand along with Sabari build a secret NASA installation so that her grandson be moved out of the planet earth in order to defy death. Cooper with his entire family, gets into the Endurance spacecraft and reach the first planet after travelling through the wormhole. Amelia is introduced to us doing the Kartheeka Deepotsavam in the Miller planet’s surface water with few other ladies. Cooper learns about Dr.Mann who is a rapist. Cooper leaves Miller’s planet with Rakhis tied to his hand. He reaches Mann’s planet and kills Dr.Mann. Amelia later falls for Cooper and they both indulge in extreme romance in that sizzling icy planet. Cooper is shocked to know that he is struck with cancer. Not wanting to tell Amelia about this, he moves through an extra dimensional form and stays in a hospital called Cooper Station. Cooper opens his eyes and sees all his family members except Sabari who is said to have sacrificed her life by jumping out of the spacecraft while on their way to Cooper Station. Cooper revives and marries Amelia.



Here our Cooper is a professor at NASA. A hot-blooded guy who cannot tolerate injustice in the society. One fine day, when the juniors are being ragged by the seniors in the NASA premises, Cooper goes and bashes them. One of the senior’s father learns about his son’s critical condition and plans for a revenge. He along with his goons enter the NASA premises in 3-4 black scorpio’s. Meanwhile Prof. Brand is worried that the earth’s natural resources are falling low and time has come to save the earth. Cooper quickly does the Narsimha swamy pooja and aboards the Endurance spacecraft. The villain however has nothing to do now. So he plans to take Cooper’s family members as hostages. Here, we are introduced to Jr.Cooper who kills the villain and saves his family. Sr.Cooper on the other end reaches the first planet through the wormhole. He gets down at Narsimha swamy temple on the river bank of Miller’s planet. He starts his Royal Enfield and drives to the 2nd planet. After the interval, Cooper reaches Mann’s planet and finds out that Dr.Mann has forged data about his planet’s viability. Cooper angrily says, “Okadu na planet ki vacchina vadike risku..Nenu okadi planet ki vellinaa vaadike risku…” and kills Dr.Mann. Impressed by his guts, Amelia falls for Cooper and confesses her love to him. Cooper reveals his flashback to her saying that he is a married man. Later, in the extra dimensional tesseract, Cooper sends Morse Code to Jr.Cooper to find out the viability of a habitable planet. Jr.Cooper with two other heroines on earth does the song, “Vaasthu vaasthu bagundhe…” and sends the Vaastu details of Cooper Station to his father. Finally, they all end up outside the Narsimha Swamy temple of the Cooper Station.


Well, while forming the stories of our directors on the baseline of Interstellar, if you think that we’ve gone wrong even at that baseline of ‘real interstellar’ ., please excuse us and do remember that we are talking about Tollywood where everything and anything is possible !!