UPENDRA : A multi-faceted actor with an astounding range, brings a searing intensity and honesty to his performances. When he commits to a role, he is known to go all the way to bring the character alive. The only actor who has the sensibilities of a writer and director way back in the 90’s itself. Every film of his comes with a different story . A versatile actor who has done some extremely challenging roles pushing every weird thought out of his mind and connecting through the same with everyone is what he is famous for. Directing weird stories and also acting in some peculiar get-ups makes Upendra stand apart from the rest of the league.

And after a huge gap, Upendra is now acting in a direct Telugu film through Trivikram-Allu Arjun’s S/O Satamurthy. Well, before we you watch the new Upendra, whom from the trailer we assume to be strict, stubborn and an arrogant family man, we’d like to take you back in time where the old and incredible Upendra won our hearts with his out-of-the-box concepts that were hilarious and also extremely sensible at the same time.


Great Indians..great Indians! “…Kottandi chappatluu ..”

 The dark side of film world :

“Andaru Samaaname …!! “

And yes, Upendra did a “My Life..My Choice” before it went mainstream

Upendra scolds God, explains the ego-factor b/w God and Human and becomes a God himself

“I am god. God is Great….”

How men feel when they see a hot lady in public. The best part being  – Upendra explaining as of what makes men feel that way

Upendra explains about Freedom in India and also about the advanced traditional beggars today :

Well well well., you just cannot miss this one. Atleast once, we’ve dreamt of Indian rupee dominating the dollar and beating the west. But the same thing executed here Upendra is just amazing to watch. #IncredibleIndia