Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej will soon be felicitated at Ravindra Bharathi by the members of Akhila Bharatha Frustrated Sangam after he has okayed a movie with director Srinu Vaitla recently. Srinu Vaitla who is known for his classic entertainers like Anandam , Sontham, Venky, Dhee, Dubai Seenu gained immense craze and recognition after his last release Aagadu that came up in September 2014.

After Watching Dookudu trilogy from Sreenu Vaitla (Dookudu, Baadshah and Aagadu) many Tollywood movie buffs went into a state of depression through suppression and ultimately reached frustration. The main reason being that, almost every movie of his since Ready has been evolving around the ‘bakra’ concept and finally with Aagadu, Vaitla proved that the real bakra’s were the audience who’ve been encouraging his bakra talent. After an epic movie like Aagadu and the way Vaitla has handled it(not to forget the dialogues of that film) , many called it The End of Vaitla but to everyone’s surprise, it is Ramcharan who gave Vaitla a golde itthadi opportunity by inviting him to direct a film for his next venture.



Everyone in the industry raised eyebrows by looking at RCT’s guts to do a movie with Vaitla even after watching his back to back bakra stuff that made tollywood lovers loose faith in films in the industry. Taking this into consideration, the frustrated youth of Tollywood have decided to felicitate Ramcharan Tej with honorary Dhag-baang-chiky-dhag-chik-Dhairyaveer award.

Script writer Kona Venkat went a step ahead and also announced the release date of the film by saying that the film will be released on October 15th,2015. IRCTC confirms that a huge number of bookings have said to have happened for that particular day from the Telugu speaking states to various parts of the country like Assam, Bihar, Jaisalmer, Itanagar, Imphal, Aizwal, etc.

Vaitla is also planning to add subtitles to RCT’s expressions throughout the film which is set to become a revolution in days to come for the young actor. No matter what, this duo will not stop what they’ve been doing(IUKWIM). So , lets watch out for the ‘usual entertainer’ coming from this unusual combination. Wishing the entire team, Auul the beshht!