K.Nagababu, hailed as Mega Brother shocked everyone after he revealed that the reason for his laughter during Jabardasth was Nitrous Oxide, the ‘laughing gas’ and not the jokes of contestants.

Jabardasth manager Yedukondalu, after coming to a conclusion that the standard of jokes have fallen very low, has suggested Nagababu, Roja and Rashmi to inhale Nitrous Oxide during the show so that they can laugh at the jokes which have become humorless and sometimes which even fail to bring a smile on their faces.

We are told that Yedukondalu has handed over huge number of bottles to Nagababu so that atleast his typical laugh might help generate a smile on viewer’s face while watching the show even though the skit has no sense in it.

The news is that, due to increase in the depth of inhalation, Nagababu’s behavior at home has seen multiple changes where he was seen laughing every now and then for every thing and at everybody. Varun Tej once went to his father’s room and was shocked to see a rack full of NOS bottles in his father’s wardrobe who worriedly asked him on the same. After getting out of the unusual ‘hangover’, Nagababu told Varun Tej that those bottles were nothing but ‘laughing gas’ bottles which help him laugh at the jokes of Jabardasth contestants when they deliver poor performances. “Ee gas peelustha.. addamaina jokes ki navvutha.. haaa ha ha ha…” said Nagababu to his worried son.

Nijaniki nenu 10 min maatrame navvuthaa..daanine vaallu 1 hour atu thippi itu thippi vestharu ra Jumanji Raaja.. haa ha ha “ said Nagababu to Sai Dharam Tej who was also present there.

Reports say that Roja was angry at Yedukondalu for the idea of laughing gas. In order to test how it works, Roja is said to have used NOS in the AP assembly which has proven costly to her as she laughed out hard when her party leader said, “Nenu adaga dalchukunna..evaraina naku car undhani nirupisthe…”  However, Roja was unavailable to comment. “Anduke nuvu observe chesthe, show lo Roja ekkuva ga navvadhu ra Moothi Raaja..” said Nagababu to Allu Sirish who was also present during the conversation.

Unfortunately, Rashmi, who has decided to oblige Yedukondalu’s words to use NOS bottles has unknowingly bought duplicate laughing gas bottles at Tirumalgiri after watching them for a discounted price. “Max navvadaniki try chesthadhi.. kaani duplicate maal vaadinanduku, Rashmi expression sagam lo ne aagipothadhi. Appudapudu em expression isthundho daanike theleedhu ra Buchiki Raaja..haa ha haaah.” said Nagababu to Ram Charan.

Hope we get to see some ‘real’ laughs for some sensible skits in the show soon. Haa ha ha!!