After the success of Memu Saitham Telethon, where the whole TFI has joined hands for a cause, a similar thought is now in making at Movie Artists Association’s head office.

During their regular meeting, it is said that one of the board members has suggested for Memu Saitam-2 which is also said to be taken up for a genuine and legitimate cause.


Speaking to the media, the board member said that the idea of this event was taken up in public interest for all those who have been waiting for Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 150th film. The event will invite Directors, Producers, Senior most artists, Asst. directors, Short film directors, etc from all over the Nation to join hands with an intention to finalize a script for Chiranjeevi. Ram Charan Tej is also likely to be present at the event in sorting out the best scripts for his dad.

A public interest litigation has also been filed on the same matter in the High Court after a notorious criminal escaped his death sentence by saying that his last wish was to see Chiranjeevi’s 150th film. The judge then, who was also a Chiranjeevi fan obliged his request and remitted his death sentence. A number of such cases increased in no time and it became a matter of utmost importance.

In a recent news article published by Sakshi publications, a painful letter written by 6th class girl Shambavi has brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Her letter says, “Chiru uncle chiru uncle..meeru movies aapesiinappati nundi annam tinalekapothunanu..Complan kuda taagadam ledhu. Doraemon, Chota bheem kuda chudadam maanesanu. 4 o’clock ki school nundi intikocchaka, only me paatha movies dvd’s konkoni chusthunanu. Appudappudu kalalo kuda vasthunnaru. Twaraga maakosam 150th movie cheyaruuu.. Devudu thatha..devudu thatha…ma chiru uncle ki 150th movie finalize ayettu chudavaa pleasee…”

Taking many such instances into consideration, MAA has decided to organise Memu Saitham- 2, thinking that this is the only way to help Chiranjeevi in selecting his best script for his 150th film. Everyone in the film fraternity are joining hands for the most awaited cause with their best scripts. So, if everything works out, Chiru’s 150th film is no far.  Smh.

“Nothing can stop us. We face any consequences, we take this udhyamam to National level , International level, Universsessse ugh ughh ..”