Eminem, the famous and fastest rapper, known for his super fast rapping ability is coming to India early next year to meet Srinu Vaitla after watching his latest flick Aagadu in Detroit, US. Eminem who is said to have a huge fan base in India has finally decided to visit the country to collaborate with Srinu Vaitla, a well known director down south in Telugu after he accidentally watched the film thinking that it was a rap song.

Speaking to the media after watching Aagadu, Eminem told that he initially thought the dialogues of the film were actually rap lyrics of a song. And in this process, waiting for ‘that song’ to end, he ended up watching the entire film. Eminem is also planning to rope in the same editor who worked for the film Aagadu. The American rapper expressed his interest for the same editor after he observed that few dialogues of the film were still running in the background even after that particular scene has ended. “The length of his dialogues are so profound that you never know when they have actually started” said Eminem.

When asked to sing his favourite rap of Aagadu in his own style, he sang, “Dikki balisina moth* fu*king kodi..chicken shop mundukochi sexy lady.. thoda kottin-dhantaah oh my daddy. ”  Eminem’s previous album ‘Rap God’ has entered the Guinness World Records as it contains most number of words by any album. In collaboration with Srinu Vaitla, Eminem is planning for a new single ‘Rap Rod’ with even more words fit into it, may be trying to break his own record. This song will be a mix of English and Telugu lyrics in a rap style. The telugu lyrics will be penned down by Srinu Vaitla on the lines of Aagadu’s dialogues. Srinu Vaitla was however not available to comment on this. Industry sources say that he is too busy writing a spoof script on Prakash Raj.

So, watch out for the unusual rap combination coming your way.
This will surely blow you up this time for sure!