Coming from the pioneers of Naaku Koncham Mental, Telugu’s most loved online platform for entertainment , MENTAL REPORTER is a social media website where images, videos, GIFs, etc. are uploaded and shared . We also provide fictitious content based on sarcasm and created stories for our common audience. We offer mix of real and fictional content presented in its inimitable style along with stories that are very much relatable to. There are different kinds of audiences who are looking for different kinds of content over the web.So we decided to bring them together and serve you with an exciting bunch of entertainment in various formats.

Mental Reporter currently caters the following topics :

– Stories.
– Mental News.
– Mental Reviews.
– Entertainment.

 : ‘Real’ content that is very much relatable to. We provide you with stories in the best possible way where most of us get connected to what is being shared. We also present you the best of curated content & videos that we wish to share every now and then.


Mental News
 : A blog with fictional news reports and articles. All the articles (unless explicitly mentioned) are works of fiction. You get to see fictional news presented in a complete satirical way. While there are other websites that are currently into this on a whole, we’d like to cut it short to suit our content to the regular Telugu audience. You are advised not to confuse the literal subject of the news reports of ‘Mental News’ as being genuine and true.


Mental Reviews
 : Filmy reviews with extreme sarcasm. Naaku Koncham Mental, also famous for its typical and sarcastic movie reviews will now be presenting the same stuff through . Not all the movies find their place in this section. Only those movies that can be easily be mocked at and few selected ones which shall enrich your experience. If you find our reviews too offensive or if you are too serious about your hero, please close thewindow.


 : Everything and Anything that can make you smile.


 : The content of Mental News, Mental Reviews are written with a sole purpose of generating humor in a sensible way with mix of sarcasm and fiction which might prove to be a little offensive to various parties. We request our readers not to take our content too seriously and sincerely apologize for any such hurt. We do not intend to bring disrepute to any person/group of persons/community. So don’t take us seriously. The content of this website is purely for entertainment purpose only. We try to be funny, most of the times. Please excuse us if you think our posts are stupid. We sincerely apologize for any such hurt our articles might have caused. But if you find an article which is extremely offensive to you, feel free to contact us on the same and we will definitely look into that matter. We are not here to hurt anyone’s sentiments. There might be few fictitious articles with real names/events being a part of it. We request people to take it in a lighter vein and are advised to look into the humor in it rather than making an issue out of it by taking it too seriously. The MENTAL REPORTER sometimes uses invented names in its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names including the name of this website if it is so, is accidental and coincidental.
The website is intended to humor people over the (physical and mental) age of thirteen years. You are advised not to read the content of this website if you are not too comfortable with the idea of our satirical presentation. Kindly bring your sense of humor and open mind when you browse through our posts.