Almost 11 years after Andhrawala, NTR has teamed-up with director Puri Jagannathi for Temper. The duo, who were in a desperate need of a hit film have finally delivered a powerful movie that is surely set to become a comeback base for both of them. Here are few major highlights of the film Temper that has made all the difference as a perfect comeback movie for NTR .

1. NTR’s Special Characterization NTR_temper_mentalreporter


The pic says it all! Its just amazing too see how Puri Jagannath has handled the characterization of never-before-seen Avatar of a rough cop for NTR. Prakash Raj’s dialogue, Veedu na kanna worst ga unnadentra is a clear depiction of NTR’s peculiar role in Temper. This is by far one of best films of NTR , undoubtedly !

2. Vakkantham Vamshi’s Script 



Vakkantham Vamshi deserves a special mention for taking a sensible script of how the atrocities against the women are happening and and how those culprits are getting away with it easily. A subject on a social cause is always a risk for Telugu audience, but Temper has proved that its not always the same.

3. Posani Krishna Murali  



Posani’s role as Murthy is the voice of reason for Daya (NTR). His character is impeccable and is in complete contrast to that of NTR’s corrupt cop role. The scenes involving the conversation between the duo are worth mentioning. It is in the 2nd half that the elevation of Daya’s character was at its best thanks to Posani’s emotionally silent-yet-powerful role.

4. Puri mark dialogues


Written with lot of impact, dialogues during the 2nd half of the film are just amazing. Especially those in the court room scene – brilliant!

 5. Manisharma’s BGM

Mani Sharma Black And White

Manisharma’s BGM is one of the major assets for the film’s success and has played a key role in pushing the essence of film to the next level. Though there are audio bits which sound similar to soundtracks of other movies, the overall bgm is surely set to keep the Temper roaring.

6. Second Half’s Gripping Narration


Wherein the ‘story’ comes into play and the pace of the movie picks up with a gripping narration right till the climax.

 7. The Reformation of Daya at the Police Station


The explosive reformation and the salutes that follow in the Police Station were too amazing to watch.

 8. The Beach Fight


Bottles evi ra?
Baabu..thaagesunnanu..individual ga concentrate cheyalekapothunna..please co-operate. 

 9. And yes, The Climax


Outstanding climax! Esp. the court episode which evokes thumping applause from the audience. Thought-provoking and motivational content blended with commercial elements is what makes it special.

Watch out for NKM's review on Temper, coming soon!