1: Nenokkadine is a 2014 Telugu psychological thriller film written and directed by Sukumar, starring Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon in lead roles. This film, released worldwide on 10 January 2014, was the highest rated Indian movie ever on IMDb post its release back then. The film received mixed response in India when it was released, but became a huge hit overseas.

We can feel the talent of Sukumar, just by looking at the way this movie has been filmed. He certainly is one of the best filmmakers of our time. Starting from the very first frame, Sukumar’s screenplay will absorb you completely, forcing stare at the screen during the whole action, because it’s all so exciting and interesting that escape becomes physically impossible.

Here are few incredible tricky scenes from the movie 1-Nenokkadine that show us the thought process of Sukumar’s brilliant direction.


1. Chased by two, not three.

During the scene of young Gautham being chased down by 3 members in the forest, we are shown, with two of them stamping the Teddy bear on the neck while the 3rd person stamps somewhere on its foot which indicates that only 2 of those 3 were with an intention to kill Gautham.

2. The Fan was present at the Hyderabad concert.

In Belfast, we are introduced to Gautham’s fan abroad, who, while explaining his pain for his father’s death at an accident spot says, “ Ninnu vethukkuntu nee Hyderabad concert ki kuda vachanu boss”. And yes, he is seen cheering for Gautham in the first song “Who are you”.

3. Being shot at the concert. Wait no!

An intellectual play by Sukumar who pushes us into uncertainty at the very beginning. One can feel that Gautham has not been shot at during the concert because his fans still keep cheering. Later, the viewer is quickly convinced that Gautham might have been shot for real as he runs out to kill the ‘pony-tail’.


4. Car coming out of imagination!

After coming out of the arena , Gautham watches a hoarding of a BMW car. The same car is carved out of his own imagination, set to kill him, driven by Antonio Rosarios (our “pony-tail”).

5 . The Water Splash.

While Gautham chases Antonio’s car on his bike, the two vehicles drive past a pothole with water. When the car goes past it, the water doesn’t splash. But when Gautham drives through it, the water splashes out indicating that there was no car ahead at all.


6. The Tunnel lights.

The tunnel lights are on and follow a typical pattern only when Gautham drives through it and not when the car passes along, giving us a notion that it was only Gautham who was driving through it.


7. No blood stains on the bottle.

Gautham, after killing Antonio Rosarios by stabbing him with a broken alcohol bottle, surrenders himself in the police station bringing the same bottle along with him. None of them notice about any blood stains on the bottle. Sukumar adds a rainy scene outside the police station to further push us into uncertainty, just to make us confuse that those blood stains might have had washed away by the rain water.


8. The rubik’s cube pattern.

Throughout the film, Gautham is never shown solving the entire rubik’s cube. He has a habit of stopping whenever a particular pattern(like shown) is framed out on it. In the later half, we are shown that a rubik’s cube was carved with secret information by Gautham’s father exclusively on the lines of this pattern for which he feels that only Gautham can decipher the information by arriving at ‘his own final pattern’.


9. Varied Point of Views.

The two guys who keep stalking Gautham in Goa, follow him just to see how Sameera tries to impress / bully him. Sukumar confuses (rather fools) the audience by making us feel that Gautham started suspecting them. They look at Gautham to see how Sameera bullies him. Gautham looks at them and behaves as if there is no Sameera. The reality is Gautham never suspects  them.
Simple scene with complex mindgame!


10. The double-check.

During the carnival in Goa, Gautham approaches an elderly couple and asks about Sameera’s presence far away. He double checks himself, by asking another random guy about the elderly couple’s presence at the table because he himself is not sure of the real world around him.

11. The illusion at the beach.

At one point when Antonio Rosarios pulls out his gun to shoot Gautham along the beach side, the camera angle from Sameera’s end shows only Gautham, giving us no clue of Antonio’s presence though the scene is itself a conversation between the two. Later we are shown that it was Sameera and not Antonio who was sharing the table.

12. The sequel to the illusion.

This is a tricky scene where the director tries to confuse us yet again with the similar idea of not showing Antonio Rosarios in a couple of frames like how he did at the beach. But this time, hell yeah! Antonio is real. “Nenu nijam”


13. The Night attack- reality.

In his house, during a night, Gautham watches intruders jumping his compound wall. He quickly grabs a camera and fights with them. Sukumar doesn’t show any retaliation from those guys as their intention to enter his house remains uncertain at that time.


14. The Night attack- illusion again.

This scene shows the unstable mind of Gautham. When the guy (Nasser’s cab driver, period) on being pointed by gun, says that they all entered Gautham’s house by ringing the bell that particular night, Gautham quickly imagines them as walking towards the bell while the reality was quite different (#13).



15. The statement that defines his life and crux of the film.

The director explains the essence of the film through a simple statement, ”Prema kanna bhayam goppadhi Sameera”. While many argue that how can someone forget his own parents’ appearance, Gautham explains that, It is because of the fear of being chased down since childhood, he remembers only the hunters’ faces and through that fearful journey he forgets how his parents actually look like.

16. Unveiling a new concept in the midst of 2nd half.

This idea of introducing a completely new concept in midst of 2nd half which leads to a different story has probably never been explored in Telugu cinema. After Gautham opens the box and finds the rice grain, the audience are taken by surprise as the rice grain was never a part of the story till then. Later, the story unfolds into an entirely different movie from there. The best part being that the film doesn’t end after he avenges the death of his parents or after knowing how they look like. The climax is way beyond even the best predictions !!!

1-Nenokkadine is definitely a movie which is one of its kind. A timeless movie that has set a standard for Tollywood in days to come. And yes, its a proud flop!