Valentine’s Day vachesthundahooo . . . Single Kaatre’s all over, are kinda worried of being single on yet another Valentine’s Day. Being single on Valentine’s Day does not mean something is wrong with you, or that you are unlovable. It means you just haven’t found the right person yet.  Being single after a break-up kuuda mana manchike anukovali. You should never apologize for being alone, because there is nothing wrong with choosing to remain alone until you find someone you truly care about .

Not convinced that you’re better off? These reasons to celebrate the single life on V-Day just might change your mind. Kaasko na vasco de gama.


1. You save a lot of Money



You know what’s expensive for Valentine’s Day? Everything. Just everything. Flowers, Chocolates, dinner, thokka , tholu , every damn thing. Being single means that you get to save all that money to use on yourself.

 2. You can flirt with whomever you want


You are free to flirt with whomever you want. Kanpadda prathi kassu pori ki trials veskuntu velladam manaku enthoo santoshanni isthundi ani puraanallo peddhalu cheppaaru. Kani idantha limits lo ne undali nana.. Anyways aaull the besht.

  3. No Fake enthusiasm



Even though, being in a relationship, Valentine’s Day doesn’t excite some couples in any real sense. Its a fake-put up show for the day. Sometimes, you have no choice but to put up a fake smile, pass the time, turn the sweet nothings up a notch, and act like you totally think that all those things are adorable.  Single ga unte, ee lolli-gilli em undadhu.

 4. No sharing, no caring. The food is all yours


Just think of all of the hard-earned cash you can keep in your wallet when you don’t have to take someone to a costly restaurant for a lunch/dinner. Gammuna intlo kurchoni, ave dabbulatho nuvvokadive entho thinaccho aalochinchu..

 5. You can do whatever the hell you want


If you were spending Valentine’s Day with your planthar pagidi, then you would presumably have to do something that is satisfying to both of you. Adhe nuvvokadive unnavanko, nuvvem chesinaa, ninnu adigetodu undadu..peeketodu undadu. Enjoy the freedom of doing whatever you please. Aaah!

 6. No worries regarding dressing up perfectly


Planthar tho V-day ante smart ga kanpadali. Ala kanpadali ante, manchi battaleskovali..Avi veskovali ante shopping cheyali. Ala cheyalante malli dabbulu theeyali. What to buy, what not to buy is bound to give you a headache. You don’t have to search for a perfect outfit or get worried about your over sized T-shirts. Instead, you can simply stay back and wear your shorts all day and no one’s gonna ask you anything about it.

 7. You don’t have to skip your workout


Umm adhi…. ummmm addhiii…

 8. No mental pressure


Planning for Valentine’s Day takes a lot of thought and money. Couples put so much pressure on themselves for Valentine’s Day, and it never lives up to those expectations. By being single, you are not under any sort of pressure to make bold, romantic declarations of your feelings. When you’re single, even if you just watch a movie you like and eat maggi, you’re like, “Maakki..chaalu.. This day ruled.”

 9. Finding Rani

galiz flirt


Whether you stay at home or take a trip or go online, chances are you’ll come across many a person who is also single this day. So if you are feeling lonely, it may be a good time to look for someone who feels the same. And who knows – perhaps this time you will really meet the right someone.

 10. Know how to be happy on your own


When all is said and done, being single means that you are not limited by anything or anyone in your life. You may go in any direction with no obligations pulling you down. You may stay single your entire life or find the right person – tomorrow or in ten years’ time. You are free, which is already enough to be happy. So don’t look the other way, don’t miss out on that happiness!

 11. V-Day obnoxious crowd fear


Noo..We are not in relation..we are just friends” ani andariki yedhava cutting icchi, Valetine’s day roju planthar tho red-handed ga dorkipothe inkemaina undha..So, ee day mottham neelo undedhi bhayam..Gram-ullo, Kilollo kaadhu…tonnula koddhi bhayam.. Evadu chusthadu.. Evadiki dorkipothaamo anna bhayam..Avasarama ? aha avasarama antunna?

12. Celebrate with your single friends


Sometimes you would really rather spend the evening laughing and going a little crazy with your closest friends instead of worrying about how you look or what your khaatrapagidi thinks. You can certainly find single people among your friends – so why not get together, have fun at the expense of all the cheesiness around and just have a jolly good time?  Your single best friends are indeed your valentine rajaa!

 So, my dear Single kaatres, if anyone asks what you’re doing on Valentine’s Day, tell them you’re going to spend the day being awesome.

Bring it on!