Santa Claus, the most loved mythical figure for the kids, who is said to bring gifts to the homes of good children for Christmas is now coming to give away few Special gifts for our well known Celebs because it is high time that someone has to do it for them so that they understand what they need the most as of now !

1. A Decent Movie Script For Ram Charan Tej


Before RCT fans pull out the calculator, lets make it clear that we are talking of ‘decent’ films which are far away from commercial formula. After a series of Rachha trilogy – Raccha , Rachha 2 (Nayak), Raccha 3  (Yevadu) came Govindudu Andarivadele, a so called different movie from the star which unfortunately failed to give the feeling of a ‘fresh concept’. We all remember RCT for his brave attempt with Orange but since then , he is into playing a safe game by choosing only those scripts which appear to work at the box office. Babuuu, commercial success and collections maatrame kaadhu babuu.. Inkonni ivvali meru!


2. A Nano car for Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy

ys jagan-horz

Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, during the elections while contesting from Pulivendula assembly constituency (no:248), said in his affidavit that he has no cars. We feel Santa should gift him a small car like Nano which is indeed a prestigious car, so that he can happily roam around during his free time in his own car. Papam thanakantu sontha vehicle okkataina undali kadha!


3. A Fresh Brain for Srinu Vaitla


Fresh Brain for fresh scripts which do not produce ‘bakra’ concepts from the director. We laughed once. We laughed twice. We tried laughing again. . . And now, we are crying with the routine rotte mukka subjects that follow the ‘Ready’ template. So, any story that does not include a bakra concept would be great sir. Anyways aaul d besht!


4. A Powerstar Look-alike for Hero Nitin


We all know that hero Nitin is a self proclaimed fan of Pawan Kalyan, who doesn’t hide his love for Powerstar . With a feel of ‘lucky-charm’, he has been using brand Pawan Kalyan for all his movies ever since the star turned up for the audio launch of Ishq ,which later turned out to be a huge success. Pawankalyan, who is said to be busy with his own movies and stuff is finding it difficult to attend any film function these days. So, in order to continue the ‘luck’ factor for Nitin, a Powerstar look-alike is being gifted to Nitin so that he attends every audio launch of Nitin’s movies in place of Pawan Kalyan.


5. A Home Gym Equipment for Kajal 


Well, the beautiful lady of Tollywood , Kajal Agarwal has been putting on weight for every film and it has become a bit worrisome for her fans who wish to see her get back to ‘form’ as early as possible. This home gym equipment is the best idea we can think of for now so that she does more workout before the fat content goes up!


6. A duct tape box for Anchor Jhansi


Well this is a must for our naraalu thempudu rani, Anchor Jhansi who keeps talking nonstop sh*t whenever she holds the mic during any audio launch event. If there are two anchors on the stage, then undoubtedly this is a must for her. Mic dorkithe chaalu..namili d*tharu!


7. A Wall Mirror for Sai Dharam Tej

sai-dharam-tej-s-second-coming-film-7162809a-horz Before he starts signing any new film , we need to get this to him right away. Dot!


8. A New Musical Equipment for S.S.Thaman


The most happening music director of Tollywood, SS Thaman has been repeatedly using the same instruments and beats for all his latest musical albums . It does not come as a surprise by the fact that it has become a difficult task to find out a particular song’s identity/movie name as all his recent songs sound very similar. So its a much needed break to the TFI music lovers in order to get out of the dappula motha for some time!


9. The 150th movie script for Chiranjeevi


As the whole Telugu Film Fraternity is waiting for his return, the script for Megastar’s 150th film is still not yet confirmed. Wait chesi wait chesi janalu weight kuda perigaaru, but mana Megastar movie matram ravatledhu. Well this should be our Santa’s top priority and lets hope the movie goes on floor as early as possible!


10. Fevicol boxes for Jeevita Rajasekhar


Even Kangaroos in Australia do not jump as much as this pair do from one political party to another. We need to make them sit at one place so that their jumping japang mentality will come to a halt. A fevicol and a chair in any political party office of their choice would do. Adhi..nen.. nen septhaanu…yem fevicol konaalo..nenu mariyu zeevitha dha decide sesi septhaam..apudu andhuru..occhi ma ..maaku pettandi !