Synma Byatch :

Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon, Kelly Dorji, Nasser, Pradeep Singh Rawat, etc.

Concept :

An intense movie with hell lot of twists and turns in the story. Excellent screenplay which is heavily complex in nature emphasizing on different embedded stories in it, to a sole purpose of finding the identity of his lost parents who are no more.

Movie Byatch :

Mahesh Babu : It takes guts to accept this kind of  a role and subject.  No star can ever dare to take up a subject like this when they are on a spree of success. His terrific on-screen presence is outstanding.  He looks stunning and fresh in a  new physique but gradually we get to see in his regular attire but that’s ok. The interval scene – his battle between reality and imagination is the epic core scene of the film.  And also his outburst of cry at the end are his career best performances so far.  The film has more story dominance. So not much of  acting is needed. You don’t need great acting for a character like this.  All you need is a great actor. What makes him different from the previous psychological disorder characters that came in Tollywood is the commercial elements blended with his characterization around the psychological aspect  is by far the best by anyone. Even his critics are awed by his performance in the film and he is undoubtedly THE best actor of our time. Hats off to this actor for a revolutionary attempt in changing the fate of the Telugu cinema.



Kriti Sanon : Debutant, but first movie lo chesthundhi ane feel ledhu ekkada kuda. Heroine reporter ante general ga Assam train ekki foot-board chesthunattu anmata. Here, she has a pivotal role, crucial at places but yes, there are some scenes which appear implausible down the lane.  The director has a done a great job in selecting a fresh new face for a film like this. Any other actress here, would definitely fall prey to the hands of people craving for masala – romantic scenes and songs.

Sukumar : The most innovative and a brilliant director. Hero ki grey shades petti, commercial elements elevate chesi, oka state of trance ki theeskella gala director. His direction is extremely intelligent and erratic. His narration is freaking awesome. But sometimes, he falls flat at places while appealing the mass section. Sukumar uses the rubik’s cube to showcase his directional talent in the film that there is something yet to be discovered and keeps the audience well in place with his gripping narration.  Unfortunately he has delivered a film that has arrived way too early for our Telugu audience.
Few scenes about his directional brilliance are :
When the bike goes into the  tunnel, the lights follow up only when the bike is in motion and not for the car. When Mahesh is chasing Kelly, there is a scene when Mahesh’s bike travels over a water path , the water splashes out but when Kelly’s car travels over it, it doesn’t. There is no blood on the bottle when he’s standing outside the Police Station.  When Mahesh discovers his parents’ photos, it has something above it saying 1+1=3 which means they three make up the family and at the same time, all his life, he is in search of 3 people who are the reason for their[parents] death.  There are many such scenes which proves that his creativity is unmatchable . Telugu lo Sukumar undadam mana adrushtam., thana duradrushtam.




Devi Sri Prasad : Unfortunately , the songs visually haven’t clicked much on screen. Aww Tuzo and You’re My Love appeared afresh . ‘Who are you’  didn’t reach the expectations and the rest were just ok.  If everything falls apart, there is one thing you need to mention in this film- The Background Score. Terrific stirring bgm . I’ve never expected DSP coming out with such a different style.  Or, may be, is it only for Sukumar that Devi delivers such output ?  Whatsoever, if the music of this film still haunts you, then this movie has hit the right chord for you. I will be the most blessed person if DSP releases the thematic soundtrack of the film he has used at places with different instruments and modulations. 



 A multifold screenplay which is first of its kind in Telugu. The main theme is the painful quest of a kid who wants to know about his parents by the past associated with it. This quest is associated with a revenge drama in the process of finding them. This is one hell of a point which has never been explored in our films before. First half of the film takes everyone by surprise 20mins after the story kicks off and is a mix of confusion for the hero’s character on screen and the common man off screen unless you are totally into the film. Undoubtedly , the best part of the film is the interval bang where the real story pops up killing the imaginary part . Songs were just ok and we all know why we still need them for films like these even today. The narration slightly loses its grip in the 2nd half after the main theme gets shifted. Because now, the film is not just about finding the identity of his parents , but also about fulfilling his father’s dream. Majority janalaku ee point nachaledhu . Because mana deggara villain chachipoyaka, oka maanchi powerful bgm odhili, hero ala naduchukuntu pothunapudu end credits padthe chaalu anattu bathukuthunnam. The moment you feel the plot is confusing, it is a helpless situation. All you need is patience, with great presence of mind while watching the film. Doma kuttindhi..cheema pattindhi.. Whatsapp lo last seen at chustha..movie aipoinaka malli call chestha ani sodhi issues tho deviate aithe, movie ekkadhu. Pre climax gets a bit lengthy. Its a suicidal attempt to extend the film after villains death as we have never been exposed to such a concept before and even the multiplex viewer feels unconvinced. The director wanted a different ending because he feels the story demands it. All through the movie, the viewer wanted the protagonist kid to see his parents. But in general, the common audience miserably fails at every stage of the film in trying to understand the ongoing concept. The pre-climax could have been much better if it is cut short. Item song is of no use. One step for one purpose – A Key? Duh! Few unwanted scenes of the heroine in the first half and the lengthy chase sequences both in first and second half can also be trimmed to avoid the unusual disturbance. But if you sit back and think, there is not even a single scene which you think should be taken off to make the film short. They are framed so perfectly that one scene out., and the film falls flat. Editing is one of the toughest jobs for someone working under Sukumar and this job is appreciated only for the first day. Editor ni janalu 2nd day nundi thittukuntaru for the fact that we need a less run time movie in a more efficient way. Cinematography is of top-notch. Ratnavelu maintains the dark theme throughout the film to give us a feeling of a psychological thriller.


Matter Entante :

‘1 – Nenokkadine’ is an attempt made to elevate Telugu film standards to a high level. Ee movie intellectuals kosame ani anadam foolishness. Ala ani intellectuals ki maatrame ardamavthundi ani kuda kadhu. Hollywood movies ki expose ayyi, ilanti movies mana deggara vasthe bagundu ani ankune valaku matrame nacche movie. Pure off-beat kabatti, assalu click avvadhu mana deggara. Endhukante  manadhi Tollywood kabatti. Mahesh and Sukumar have earned immense respect for a brave attempt they’ve made. But at the same time, jaali padaali mana deggara ilanti movie theesinanduku. Mana chuttu unna valanu chusi, inka manam maramu ani ardham cheskoni, baadhatho navvadam thappa chesedhemi ledhu.  ONE is one of its kind. This movie will always be remembered.  The best movie made, but placed in a wrong Industry.